The iNGENIOUS Project had a strong finish at our final review on the 6th of July. The day included talks on the achievements and innovations produced, as well as 6 live and 2 recorded demonstrations of the innovations developed through the course of the project. The demonstrations focused around the project’s 6 use cases: Factory, Port Entrance, AGV, DVL, and Transport.

The live demonstrations included E2E network slice lifecycle management with ML-assisted automated slicing from the Factory use case, situational understanding and predictive models in the synchronized ports of Valencia and Livorno from the Port Entrance use case, 2 Mixed Reality and haptic driven solutions cockpits for improved driver’s safety for AGV use case, data access and management using data virtualization and distributed ledger technologies for the DVL use case, and FPGA based micro-edge sensor and remote attestation devices for rail health for the Transport use case.

Want to learn more? Demonstration videos are on the project’s YouTube channel @ingenious_iot345