Publications in Journals

TitleJournalOpen Access Link
A Robust and Low-Complexity Walsh-Hadamard Modulation for Doubly-Dispersive ChannelsIEEE Communications Letterslink
A Robust Baseband Transceiver Design for Doubly-Dispersive ChannelsIEEE Transaction on Wireless Communicationslink
Alternative Chirp Spread Spectrum Techniques for LPWANsIEEE Transactions on Green Communications and Networkinglink
Machine type communications: key drivers and enablers towards the 6G eraEURASIP Journal on Wireless Communications and Networkinglink
A Novel Approach for Cancellation of Non-Aligned Inter Spreading Factor Interference in LoRa SystemsIEEE Open Journal of Communications Society (OJ-COMS), Low-Power Wide-Area Networks (LPWANs)link
Reducing port city congestion through data analysis, simulation, and artificial intelligence to improve the well-being of citizensJournal of Mega Infrastructure & Sustainable Developmentlink

Publications in Magazines

TitleMagazineOpen Access Link
iNGENIOUS: Next-GENeration IoT sOlutions for the Universal Supply chainHiPEAClink
5G-enabled AGVs for industrial and logistics environmentsWaves Magazinelink
Choose, not Hoard: Information-to-Model Matching for Artificial Intelligence
in O-RAN
IEEE Communications Magazinelink

Conference Papers

TitleConferenceOpen Access Link
Channel Estimation for MIMO Space Time Coded OTFS under Doubly Selective ChannelsICC2021link
Iterative Receiver for Power-Domain Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access with Mixed WaveformsWCNC 2022link
Implementation and Calibration of the 3GPP Industrial Channel Model for ns-3WNS3 2022link
A Study on Iterative Equalization for DFTs-OFDM Waveform under sub-THz ChannelsCCNC 2022 link
Waveform Design for Asynchronous Power-Domain NOMAVTC2022-Springlink
Efficient and Scalable Core Multiplexing with M3vASPLOS’22link
Slashing the Disaggregation Tax in Heterogeneous Data Centers with FractOSEuroSys’22link
Fast Privileged Function CallsSPMA’22link
RATLS: Integrating Transport Layer Security with Remote AttestationCloud S&P 2022link
A Trusted Communication Unit for Secure Tiled Hardware ArchitecturesICECS’22link
Experimental Performance of Blind Position Estimation Using Deep LearningGLOBECOM 2022link
Blind Transmitter Localization Using Deep Learning: A Scalability StudyWCNC 2023link
Towards Efficient Oversubscription: On the Cost and Benefit of Event-Based Communication in MPI2022 IEEE/ACM International Workshop on Runtime and Operating Systems for Supercomputers (ROSS)link