The aim of the EU-IoT Hackathon is to disseminate new business ideas, experiments and prototypes as first step to best support next generation sustainable IoT solutions.

The teams shall have the opportunity to develop their ideas within an international flagship environment being mentored by several international experts from the Next Generation IoT (NGIoT) community and being in contact with NGIoT community flagship events.

  1. Check the hackathon page, awards and rules via devpost:
  2. Register your project, team (1-6 persons) and select a specific challenge:
  3. Join the Hackathon via slack,, where we will be regularly disseminating information about the different tools, and updates to the EFPF catalyser programme and final EU-IoT hackathon event.
  4. Contact us to get more information via or directly to me and Mitula in Cc!

Notice that the conditions are different if you are coming to Munich or in hybrid mode – see here: