Holistic Security 

Advancements on security, privacy and interoperability





  • Design and implement a componentised microkernel-based operating system, based on security by design and isolation by default, with a tile-based hardware architecture including communication control
  • Implement security measures and mechanisms provided by the GSMA IoT Security Guidelines and IoT Security Assessment group
  • Leverage the IOTA, Bitcoin and Ethereum Distributed Ledger Technologies (DLTs) solutions deployed in the supply chain market and incorporate the Bitcoin Lightning Network solution providing fast micropayments using bi-directional channels
  • Develop a federated and interoperable IoT Layer in order to enable collaboration between heterogeneous Machine to Machine (M2M) platforms
  • Incorporate a cross DLT layer that will abstract the complexity of the underlying DLTs, serving as a standard interface between DLT networks and the higher layers of the infrastructure