Use Cases

The project focuses on 6 use cases to address the requirements of different activities performed in procurement, operations, and distribution for realising the next generation supply chain.

Next generation automation1. Automated robots with heterogeneous networks
2. Improved driver’s safety with Mixed Reality and haptic solutions
Advanced wide area tracking3. Transportation platforms health monitoring
4. Inter-modal asset tracking via IoT and satellite technology
Smart information flows5. Situational understanding and predictive models in smart logistics
6. Supply chain ecosystem integration

Project outcomes will be validated into 4 large-scale Proof of Concept demonstrations, involving 1 factory, 2 ports, and 1 container ship

ASTI factory in Burgos (ES)Automated factory with 5G-IoT
COSCO’s container shipConnected transportation with real-time container tracking in the Mediterranean Sea
Ports of Valencia (ES) and Livorno (IT)Smart logistics with Artificial Intelligence 
Port of Valencia (ES)Remote control of AGVs with Mixed Reality and haptic gloves