Project Overview

iNGENIOUS is about  Next-GENeration IoT sOlutions for the Universal Supply chain

We plan to exploit some of the most innovative and emerging technologies for Next-Generation IoT (NG-IoT) and 5G networks to build an innovative platform for supply chain management.

iNGENIOUS designs Next Generation IoT (NG-IoT) solutions, with a particular emphasis on 5G, Edge and Cloud computing extensions for IoT, security and AI/ML for better decisions.

The iNGENIOUS network layer uses 5G-based IoT functionalities, federated Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) nodes and smart orchestration.

We plan to work and test 6 critical NG-IoT use cases for the smart supply chain:

  • Automated robots with heterogeneous networks (Industrial IoT area)
  • Improved driver’s safety with Mixed Reality and haptic solutions (Broadband IoT &  Industrial IoT area)
  • Transportation platforms health monitoring (Massive IoT & Industrial IoT area)
  • Inter-modal asset tracking via IoT and satellite technology (Massive IoT area)
  • Situational understanding and predictive models in smart logistics (Broadband IoT area)
  • Supply chain ecosystem integration (Massive IoT, Broadband IoT & Industrial IoT area)